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This is why I willingly went to Lutheran (which B was) and we are now going to the Episcopal church. Mal now has one catholic, one recovering catholic, one Jewish and one methodist god parent. :)


Four godparents? As if he wasn't going to be spoiled enough via the internet! He's a lucky guy (of whom I have not seen nearly enough pictures!).

Getting to pick anyone we wanted for godparent would definitely make my life easier but I don't think Pete would be willing to go Lutheran. Roman Catholic is about as far from Orthodox as he'll get.


Hi leli, I just wanted to weigh in here on the baptism issue. We have had a similar situation with our 2 kids (except instead of Catholic vs. Greek Orthodox it is Catholic vs. Presbyterian.) If you do think that you might end up attending Catholic church or sending your kids to Catholic school, they won't be able to take the sacraments (including Eucharist) unless they've been baptized as a Catholic. And I don't agree with this stance, but...Just sayin'. Also, you might want to ask the person in charge of baptisms at your church exactly what they require as proof of "good standing" for godparents. When I had my kids baptized, the answer was "ummm... really nothing." good luck.



I'm actually planning to do just that (speak to OUR priest, that is... the priest in my parents' town is very strict regarding the "rules") as soon as he returns from his vacation. Fingers crossed that he's a little more lenient.

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