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Increase caffeine intake! Want me to send Brenda-mom over for a reprieve? Sorry cant make it yet myself! I hate living in Alberta (in some ways). <3
Hope tomorrow is better.


I drank a Coke Zero and ate chocolate for breakfast, which helped a little. Then Eli took a nap, so his mood improved and that helped even more. I didn't kill anyone or smash anything, though I admit that I threw a pair of socks at the baby when he wouldn't stop pulling the freshly folded laundry off the bed.

Tomorrow I'm going to go to Walmart to see if they have sheets to match Eli's new bedding (for the big boy bed that I suspect he'll be in by or shortly after his first birthday) and I will get myself a latte as a reward for not destroying any persons or property today.


I can't believe you kept that from me! Stress or no stress, your body, mind and sanity come first!

I have no words of wisdom - I know little about shingles, but suffice it to say whatever you need, I'm on it!

Love you and see you tomorrow!

Dani T

"threw a pair of socks at the baby"

I LAUGHED SO HARD. People at work thought i was crazy. No jokes.

keep up the good work!

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